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Document Storage

I had a client who needed to free up some of their warehouse space and asked me to store several pallets of documents. Some of the documents were needed on an occasional basis, and others just needed to be stored with minimal access.


A quick ring around of the document storage companies revealed that it can be quite costly as many of these businesses are located close to the CBD where rents are quite high.
A typical cost was 60 cents/box/week (with a minimum of usually 100 standard sized document boxes) meaning about $60 plus any picking and delivery expenses.
My rate is $6/pallet (with a minimum of 4 pallets) which works out at around 25 cents/box. I do not have a standard size for the boxes, so I can be very flexible on what you want to store, I am not limited to just documents. You could even free up some space and clean out your storeroom of some of thise "nick knacks that your do not want to throw out just in case you might need them one day"). 

So for the business that does not need immediate day to day access, considerable savings can be made by using storage a little further away. Access to your documents stored at my premises can usually be on the same day as they are needed, or the next business day. They can be delivered to your place of business by using one of the many couriers available, or even your own favourite courier.


I can even offer you limited out of hours access (sometimes even at no charge) should you or a staff member wish to pick up your documents on the way to or from home.

Phone Steve on 9894 5366 to discuss your needs, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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