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Disaster Planing
Has your business ever considered how you could continue to trade from your current business premises in the event of a disaster (e.g. fire, flood, lockout, power failure etc)
Many businesses are now considering "disaster recovery planning". This will enable them to continue to trade and generate cash flow, to enable the business to survive. However many models centre around what to do "after the bird has flown the nest". Generally though at this stage you have no stock to trade with until any new orders arrive, and you have not even got some where to send them from!
So how do you find another location immediately?
There is an old saying "do not store all of your eggs in the one basket" which is very good advice to minimise this from happening in the first place.
So rather than having one large warehouse, with bulk quantities of stock, an alternative is to have a medium sized warehouse and store some of your bulk stock in another warehouse. This is where A Class Warehousing can help.
In the event of a total disaster, you can continue operating while the disaster is still happening, with somewhere to receive your new stock, and dispatch orders and maintaining your business cashflow
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