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Are you starting a new business, need somewhere to store your stock, and possibly a space to also work on your stock?





The question you may well ask is: why pay someone else to do what you could probably do yourself? The answer is: how can you afford not to pay someone else!

    A Class Warehousing can help you to minimise your overheads, and maximise your profitability, wether you are a large or small company.

Using my services, I can help you: free up your valuable time to grow your business rather than be labouring in your business, free up your storage space, free up your staff time, and thereby minimising your costs and maximising your profitability.

I can even take care of all of your warehousing activities.


I can offer tailored solutions for your business storage needs, and can cater for standard sized goods on pallets, odd shaped items, small or large lots, and for the short term or long term.  


  Here are a few examples of time and money saved  


1)         Does your business waste time moving pallets of stock in and out or around your warehouse each day, just to find the things you really need?  


 Do you know how much this really costs your business?  


For example , if you had 10 pallets that were moved in and out every day, just to access workspace this would take about 30 mins each day which is about $15/day in staff costs alone! Plus running costs of the forklift, Now $15/day doesn 't sound like much, but by the time you multiply that out for a month it is $300, and for a year it is $3900..However, if you were to store those 10 pallets with ACW for a whole year, it would be about two thirds of this cost!  


And this example does not even include the cost of poor stock rotation, items not sold because they are obscured and a host of other problems clutter can bring.  


Take a look Case Study 1 for some more information  


2)         Are you starting a new business  


Finding the right location to operate from is very important and can make or break a business. To set up an office in the right location for your customers generally means the warehouse component can be very costly.  


However if you rent just an office, you can now select a location that more suits yours and your customers needs, whilst you contract out the warehousing, which will save you money, and free up your time to focus on promoting your new business.  


Take a look at Case study 3 for some more information     



\We only charge you for the space you use, and not for all the extra space that you will pay for when you rent your own warehouse.

We only charge you for the time our staff are working on your product.    


A Class Warehousing in Sydney is centrally located between the F2, M4, M2, and the M7  


All of my customers have casual access to some of my office space to work in for a few hours should the need arise.    

A Class Warehousing understands that whilst a majority of deliveries/pickups are during normal working hours, sometimes the flexibility to operate outside these hours is needed


A Class Warehousing is HACCP Certified


At A Class Warehousing, I am your personal account manager. The success of your business leads to the success of my business  


So call me now to so I can help you find a solution to suit your storage needs  


Steve Kennedy  


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